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What types of coverages do you offer?

We have many different types of coverage you can choose:

  • Regular Coverage $175
  • Development Coverage $250
  • 2 Reader Evaluation Regular Coverage $250
  • 2 Reader Evaluation Development Coverage $350
  • 3 Reader Evaluation Regular Coverage $375
  • 3 Reader Evaluation Development Coverage $450
  • Your First 20 Pages $55
  • 1/2 Hour Comedy Coverage $125
  • 1 Hour Teleplay Coverage $150
  • The Complete Studio Development Package $550

Please visit our Services page for a complete description on each.

How can I protect my work?

Scriptapalooza strongly recommends that writers protect their work and register their scripts with the Library of Congress.

What is “industry” standard for my script?

The font should be courier and the font size 12.

Page total should be between 90-130 pages.

What is “industry” standard for my script?

How long does it take for me to receive my coverage report?

What if I need my script returned bbefore the 2-3 week turn around?

There is a RUSH JOB with a turnaround under a week.

There is an additional fee of $50.00 for the Rush Job.

Can I get my script returned to me?

If you do the Development Coverage or Studio Development your script return is included in the service. If you do Regular Coverage your script is not returned.

What if I don't agree with my coverage report?

Your script will be read and evaluated by an industry professional. You may not like certain aspects of your report but keep in mind the reader is using their experience, opinions and suggestions to the best of their abilities to help you improve your script, and that their prespective is subjective.

Do the same people who read the scripts in the competition write the coverage reports?

No. The Coverage Service department hires only industry professionals who write coverage reports for a living. They dedicate their time, creativity and experience long after a script is read.

If I get a RECOMMEND on my coverage will you send it out to producers?

Yes, if you coverage comes back from the analyst with a RECOMMEND...we will send the coverage to over 40 producers (with your permission). And again, we are not attached to the script in any way. If the producer wants to contact you, we will give them your contact information. Scriptapalooza Coverage is only a service for writers.

I live out of the country, can I still submit?

Yes. We accept international script submissions paid in US funds.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes. The transaction must be done through our website using our PAYPAL service, which is a secure site. Or you can call our office and pay over the phone.

Do you accept email submissions?

We only accept email submissions. Simply email your script to

Where do I send my materials to?

Please do not mail your script to the Scriptapalooza office, we only accept emailed scripts. When you fill out the application, you attach your script in any format.

What if my script is longer than 120 pages?

Industry standard script length is 90-120, so if your script is longer, we will charge you $1 extra for each additional page. Please contact us before you submit.

After you finish my coverage, is Scriptapalooza attached to the script? Or if you send my coverage and script to a production company is Scriptapalooza attached or get a percentage of the sale?

No. We are NOT attached in any way. We are soley a service for writers.