Macken Companies

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Macken Companies is a fully integrated firm with real estate investment, development, construction, financing and brokerage entities. They needed a website to showcase their portfolio of projects to attract new business.

The challenge for Macken Companies was to build a website that expresses their full range of services even for people who don’t know all the industry terms. The site also needed to be professional to position them as experts among their competition.

I worked with Macken Companies to determine how much content should be shown on the homepage and the Services page. We came up with a solution to highlight their main services under the homepage banner, and each one links to a single service page to learn more. The flow throughout the website was carefully considered to help their ideal clients find the information they need.

Another area we put our heads together on was how to display their blog. Macken Companies wanted to separate their blog articles from press releases and magazine features. We came up with a solution to use one blog with multiple categories to facilitate this need. Visitors can select from the News drop down to which type they would like to view.

What I helped Macken Companies build:

  1. Custom designed WordPress website
  2. A blog that has multiple categories for each purpose
  3. Portfolio to highlight past projects
  4. Services page that is organized and easy to browse
  5. Two microsites to showcase individual properties

Custom Shopify Designs.

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