Brooklyn Water Bagels

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Brooklyn Water Bagels is an expanding chain of bagels and coffee. Their motto is “hand crafted, from scratch, every morning” and they truly mean it because their bagels are fantastic. Their ice coffee also comes with cubes of iced coffee…which is something everyone needs to try.

Brooklyn Water Bagels was looking to design a brand new website that accomplished these goals:

  1. A great looking site that is easy to browse
  2. Multiple ways for people to view the menu and find a location
  3. Encourage people to download the Rewards app to join their marketing list

We worked together to:

  1. Design a beautiful and bold custom website
  2. An easy way to maintain their menu that is sometimes different on a per-location basis
  3. Build Find a Location page where customers can enter their zip code to find a store near them
  4. Design mobile-friendly website for customers to quickly find what they are looking for
  5. A system for people to sign up with their phone number to be sent a text message to download their Rewards app and drive more sales

Custom Shopify Designs.

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