Blushi Organics

Built with Shopify

Blushi Organics is a side project of mine where I’ve handcrafted everything from the product formula to branding and the website.

A goal of mine was to challenge myself to build a product so I could learn the ins and outs of running a Shopify store for myself. How often does a web designer you’ve hired have experience selling a product themselves? Unless you’ve spent the time learning everything that goes into building a product, you can’t truly know what challenges your clients are facing.

What I learned while building my product:

  • Selecting a brand name, niche, and deciding on a product
  • Developing and testing a formula. I even hired an expert to consult with me on this!
  • Registering a trademark
  • Designing product labels
  • Branding a product with a hand-drawn logo and selecting colors and typefaces
  • Launching a Shopify store
  • Managing multiple social media accounts

What’s the pay off of all my hard work? I get to share all that knowledge with you. When I say I understand how much work goes into your store, I truly mean it because I’ve been there too.

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