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Loan Agreement Use Of Proceeds

  • April 10, 2021

All proceeds from (and all income from) the 2014 loans from the contribution to the sub-account of loans (project cost) five and thirty days after the 2014 closing date were transferred to the Senior Bonds Debt Service account and used for the advance of the bond loan covered in Section 5.02(a)i) of the loan agreement for the proceeds of the loan. Proceeds from the issuance of additional bonds are used on the date of issue or beyond to finance, through a financial intermediary, a security loan and holding as part of the revenue endorsement. The issuer makes available to each holder, on written request and free of charge, a copy of the withdrawal, notes, security documents of notes, basic security documents, the cooperation agreement, the partnership agreement, the collateral sharing agreement, any other collateral sharing agreement, the intercreditor agreement and/or an additional intercreditor agreement. . Investments in bridge loans, all bonds, second De Lien bridge loans, all second De Lien loans and in accordance with the Proceeds Loan Agreement and the loan agreement for the additional product.