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Azure Enterprise Agreement Power Bi

  • April 08, 2021

Business administrators can view a summary of their service usage data on the usage report page. The use is presented at the summary level for all accounts and subscriptions. To view the detailed usage, you can filter the report by account or subscription. For indirect check-in customers, contact your partner to verify that they have activated the price function for you. This can only be done by the partner. Once activated, you can view the costs and prices of your registration as a business administrator. The report`s monthly download page allows business administrators to download multiple reports as CSV files. Downloadable reports include: This connective version only supports company records from At present, Chinese records are not supported. If you`re working with the report API (on which the EA portal is based), you can also create a similar relationship with PowerShell and the API.

However, the computing power you need to calculate the cost per subscription is quite high. You can`t relocate the PowerShell code to Azure Automation.B because you reach the memory limit. API key expires every six months. If there is a problem, a business administrator should generate a new API key. Don`t forget to follow the steps of frequently asked questions about the API report. Hello, I am faced with a problem, with the Power Bi report where, as after the account key is made available, the report works well on my system, but as soon as I tried to open the report and update on another computer, the report again asks for the account keys. As for Power BI, I had to use power BI designer to work with data from a DB SQL Azure, so I downloaded the designer and added a connection (recall the SQL DB firewall). Within minutes, I had the data available to play with things and see what I could do. If you`re an advanced user like my friend, you can often add an Excel plugin or two if you import Excel tables for data visualization. This will reduce compatibility issues associated with sharing data with stakeholders.

But when I was ready, I put the Power BI designer file in the portal and I was able to choose which graphics I wanted to display in the dashboard. In 30 minutes, after I had never used Power BI, I had 5 colleagues around my desk, who could see the cool previews we could get in our Azure property. From the developer`s point of view, I`m new to Power BI, and one of the things I`ve learned is that you`re not currently supported by power BI designer for automatic datasset update in your report. In retrospect, it would have been better to have an Excel table that uses Power Query to access the DB SQL Azure and store the Excel table in One Drive, which would allow you to set up Power BI for updates, and maybe if we did it every morning before everyone got to the office, it would work well. While Amazon Web Services has received the most attention on public cloud issues, Azure is gaining traction, especially last year. For those who have an Azure Enterprise agreement, you get four additional advantages over an Azure Normal Pay-As-You Go subscription. One of these advantages is another portal to manage Azure subscriptions. Microsoft Azure Enterprise Portal (, formerly is one of the company`s main portals.

It mainly has two functions: this gives us an overview of the highest level we have spent on Azure since the beginning of the enterprise agreement.