Marriage Agreement In Hindu Law

A marriage contract can cover any number of subjects and take care of anything that is intended for one or both spouses. The typical themes are: it also offers better protection to wives by the insertion of section 13D, by which the woman may refuse the granting of a decree on the grounds that the dissolution of the marriage will cause her serious financial difficulties and that it would be wrong, in all circumstances, to dissolve the marriage. may be a valid marriage if no other provision of the law is violated. The Supreme Court of Hon`ble, November 15, 2019, in the Rathnamma-Ors case. v. Sujathamma – Ors. stated that the mere entry of a marriage contract is not sufficient to constitute a Hindu marriage and cannot provide a basis for obtaining inheritance as a spouse and member of a Hindu increte family. Such a child is considered legitimate, regardless of the status of the parent`s marriage, whether the marriage was performed according to Hindu rites under the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 or if it was a civil marriage under the Special Marriage Act of 1954. Such a child may inherit the property of his or her parents. However, it does not acquire any rights with respect to the common property of family or ancestral property. If a woman has been forced to marry, is such a marriage or not? What happens when we`ve caught them? Foreign judgment decree of divorce then it will be valid for the dissolution of this Indian marriage, as the Supreme Court of India has been held in several of its judgments The first condition is with regard to the jurisdiction of such a foreign court, which means that both or one of the parties in the foreign country in which such a divorce decree was received. The second important condition is the merits of the divorce case, whether or not those merits that the foreign court has found for that conclusion are.

Subsequently, the other party received a formal notification of such divorce proceedings and the other party was given sufficient time to defend itself against the case, thus following the principle of natural justice. There was no fraud or violence involved in such a case and the two parties agreed either by mutual agreement to such a foreign court for the annulment of the divorce or none of them objected to such foreign judicial proceedings with that case and decided accordingly.

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