Azure Enterprise Agreement Support Plan

More information can be found from your Account Manager or in the details of Enterprise Agreement`s Azure support or via the assistance/assistance link on the Azure portal. Other support options are Microsoft Developer Network forums. In these forums, you can search and read technical questions and answers to questions from other Microsoft developers and testers. Other resources are Stack Overflow, Server Fault and Azure Feedback Forums, which are communities of Azure developers, system administrators and customers. Full technical support is provided when it is found that the problem is caused by a Microsoft Azure service or a Microsoft Azure platform. All other scenarios receive appropriate economic assistance. If you can`t find a suitable solution to your problem, you may be referred to other support channels available for non-Microsoft software. You still have access to the default support 12 months after your upcoming birthday. For more information on the benefits of standard support, click here.

The Professional Direct (ProDirect) consulting service gives you access to Azure support guides based on (1) documentation of Microsoft Azure`s best practices and (2) information from Azure forums. ProDirect consultants provide support based on their access to Microsoft documentation, Microsoft Azure support technicians and the Microsoft Azure product group. Proven methods may include z.B. If you purchased your support plan through the Azure site or Azure portal, or if you have a support program under a Microsoft customer agreement, you can cancel your existing plan and then purchase a parent plan on the Azure portal. We offer assistance in nine languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese. The monthly cost of the support plan covers a billing account, regardless of the number of subscriptions or users on the account. As of August 1, 2019, new opt-out forms for Azure commercial customers will not be accepted. Instead, all registrations are extended indefinitely. If you want to end the use of Azure services, close your subscription to the Azure portal. Or your partner can file a termination request.

There is no change for clients who have types of government contracts. If the units contained for the services on the price sheet do not match what you provided, z.B. Operational Insights Premium Data Analyzed vs. Operational Insights Standard Data Analyzed, this means that you may have provided services that are not covered by the plan, please contact the Azure Portal corporate portal at to continue. If you purchased your support plan through the Azure site or Azure portal, or if you have support on a Microsoft customer convention, you can make changes to the Azure portal. To change your support plan, you must first cancel your existing plan and then buy a new plan. To cancel the support plan subscription, select the support plan you want to cancel, and then select Cancel the subscription. If you have questions to change or cancel your support plan, create a new request for assistance. Choose under the type of problem – Subscription Management. Select the appropriate support plan, then select the subscription termination requirement- As support plans are billed monthly, you won`t be reimbursed if you cancel before the end of the month. You need to make sure that your Premier contract appears in the “Help Plan” drop-down list when you create a support deal.

This is possible by using the following options: Microsoft offers 24×7 support in English for all gravity grades and in Japanese only for gravity A. Support is only available for all other languages and severity levels supported during local business hours.