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Saturday I attended SuperConf2011 with two of my coworkers. We were all super pumped for the event because it related to making money, building online communities and other great web building tips.

Noah Kagan from AppSumo was the first presenter and set the bar high. He was a very charismatic guy and gave us a pretty good back story on the companies he used to work for which included Facebook, and why he quit to form his own company.

I found his presentation entertaining as well as inspiring. Noah gave a ton of what seemed like random tips for things that he does on a daily basis but somehow he managed to tie everything together and I feel like I really learned a great deal. It was also pretty hilarious that he gave out bottles of hot sauce during his presentation and even threw one across the room because someone gave a great answer to one of his questions.

There were a bunch of other great speakers as well. I enjoyed Kyle Bragger’s question and answer about community building and how Forrst started. I was happy to get to meet and talk to the guy who started a site that I use daily (more like hourly). Plus he gave me some Forrst stickers!

I highly recommend SuperConf and hope they have another next year. I’m now looking forward to WordCamp Miami next weekend and will keep you all updated on that.

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